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Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

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A good home inspector will provide you with information about your home that you might not have known mattered at all. For example, what the colored granules on your roof shingles are there for and why those granules are important. The true value of a home inspection is obtaining insights about your property that, once you have them, you can't imagine having lived without.  


In the course of a home inspection the inspector will:

  •  Walk around the exterior of  the home at least two times, taking note not only of details about its protective outer coverings, but also details about the characteristics and topography of the property. Doing this can reveal information about what might be found inside the home.

  •  Go on the roof and walk around and then into the attic to see the components of the structure beneath the roof.

  •  Go into the crawl space and literally crawl around under the home, where opportunities to be observant abound and much can be gleaned from what can be seen.

  •  Thoroughly inspect the inside of the home, including visible plumbing & electrical and the functionality of the furnace and water heater. 

All these things are observed through the lens of someone who knows what to look for and where to look for it. After the inspection you will be provided with a well written report describing any anomalies noted during the inspection. Your home is likely your most valuable investment and you should know as much about it as can be known.


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Brad Newell - WA Lic#899

A portion of my life has been spent contemplating all things contained within the building envelope, or put another way, the space a house occupies and the property surrounding it. Thoughtful consideration of the way your home and property come together, the home's systems and how they function with the property it is built on are continuing interests of mine. As a framing laborer, landscaper, painting contractor and a general contractor, my thoughts were always about the home. I built my own house and two more, as well as remodels and additions and I can appreciate the work others have done or have not done. I practice being observant and can spot areas of concern in addition to beneficial features a home possesses which should be acknowledged. I have been a licensed home inspector in Washington since 2012.

I like to write descriptively about the home's condition at the time of an inspection and will always place my client's concerns and the physical health of the home at the top of my priorities. My writing style is clear, to the point and always offers solutions. When I describe a concern I also describe a way the concern can be remedied. 

When I'm not under, or on top of, a residential dwelling I find time for other pursuits, one of which is bike riding. In fact, I rode a bicycle from Tacoma to Ensenada. I still do a lot of cycling (staying fit for those crawl spaces and rooftops).

Other interests which have occupied much of my spare time are painting with acrylics and oils and playing the guitar. I also like to attend concerts where performers engage in what is, for me, the ultimate expressive art form.


Feed your soul and rock on in the way that appeals to you!


You will receive a comprehensive, detailed report.

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